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what are The Wildfire CityPages?

Small Businesses are in a constant battle to stay relevant. They may have great products and services, but they have lost two of their original advertising resources, the yellow pages and the newspaper leaving them with just the Internet or the sign on the building. Not only do they struggle to be visible, they have to compete with outside businesses.

Wildfire’s CityPages are helping local businesses “Take Back the Internet, One City at a Time”. The CityPages help the local business by providing their events, specials, help wanted and press releases to the local community.

CityPages are for local businesses and local businesses only. The service replaces the old yellow pages and the newspaper giving the local business a place for their specials, press releases, events, help wanted and more for $95 per year. Yes PER YEAR.

Call 618-452-2400 to sign up. If you are not convinced, ask for a link to a demo video explaining CityPages in detail.

Remember too, companies are listed in their category by sign up date, not alphabetically, so the sooner you join, the higher you rank.

And where is your business placed? In great domains like collinsville.com, edwardsville.com, granitecity.com, glencarbon.com and 40+ others.

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who is wildfire internet

When Wildfire launced as an Internet development company in 1995, Internet users were few and far between. Most of our development helped mid-size to Fortune 500 companies that recognized early the benefits of centralizing data on what we now call the cloud. But in our spare time, the Wildfire staff released several local Southern Illinois pure city domains like, granitecity.com , collinsville.com and edwardsville.com . The sites performed well as discussion boards.

Meanwhile, newspapers were fighting to keep subscriptions, yellow pages scrambled to stay relevant and social media jumped from platform to platform eventually settling into sites like facebook, instagram and twitter. The search engines tuned their servcies giving us fantastic world wide search. The Internet was simply too small for local search.

Of course the local business lost a valuable tool when the newspapers shutdown and the yellow pages started gathering dust on the front porch.

Businesses quickly learned that "eyeballs", web traffic, went to the highest bidder.

Not here.

25+ years web development & marketing experience

I believe there is room for another type of search, a true local site for a given community. The new olivette365.com can even play well with the big search engines by embracing how they are used. As a matter of fact, this site is designed to help the big search engines better find local information and businesses. olivette365.com is something I have been working on for 20+ years and this release for the past 2. The site gives the local community and businesses a way to replace some of those old, and missed, resources with a “business sourced” newspaper, yellow pages, press releases and events.

Some Features

Search Bar

Front and center on every page, you'll find the Search bar. The search bar can help you find businesses, things to do, products and services, hotels, restaurants, help wanted ads and anything that has been added to the site.

The site is mobile ready.

Seems like everyone has a phone in their hand or smartpad in their living room. With that in mind, the site was designed with a technology that fits any device. Try it out.

Do you hate pop-ups too?

Not sure about you. I am fed up with reading an article only to have a popup asking me to join a mailing list or having an advertisement slide to the middle of the screen covering the content I really wanted to see. None of that here. Nope.

Business and Organizations. Sign up now. $95/Year

Finally: If you are a business owner, the new suite of tools offers over 25 tools for you. This is the term I coined above, “business sourced”. It is similar to a crowd sourced solution giving a suite of easy-to-use marketing tools to organizations and businesses for $95 per year. Yes, $95 per YEAR.

I will share more as the release date approaches.

Learn more about adding a Business.

George Sykes
President, Wildfire Internet

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